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MEDIKA MAESINDO GLOBAL (MMG) is leading manufacturer and exporter of tech-fabric & disposables clothing for medical & industrial application. Our factory is located in central java, indonesia at industrial area which having fast access to any delivery scheme (air & sea). Our factory established to meet with market demands which offer integrated one-stop supply from raw materials (tech fabrics: spunbond, meltblown, sf micropororus, double-three layered spunbonds) to convert products in disposable protectiong clothing for medical & industrial. We are here to fullfill easy access for customers who needs simple sources of one-stop supply.

All products which we are manufacturing based on market applications. So we are giving solution of products to the market in order customer to get fit & proper products.

Our factory is supported by hi-tech machination and technology, available human labor in technical and manual works. We are dedicated that all of products in biodegradable**

MEDIKA MAESINDO GLOBAL (MMG) is a sister company of Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. which established in disposables hygiene protection products & food packaging for over 25 years ago which already have reputation worldwide to market in 5 continents as French-Indonesian corporation & factory. MMG also will be supported in sales by our France office for penetrating at market and giving business solution to customers.

Our Concerns

  • To provide the right products in quality, eco-friendly & conveniences.
  • To develop the human competencies & character under good corporate governance.
  • To build the community with integrity, productivity-improvement orientation, creative thinking, persistent attitude in harmonious ecosystem to sustain the superb legacy.

Currently MMG is focusing on three businesses based on its products to supply market needs, namely:

About Us

Nonwoven Roll for Industrial

MMG produces rolls of nonwoven fabrics with certain specifications to supply various industrial needs other than medical. This nonwoven fabric can be used as a coating, as the main material, or as accessories in large and small industries.

Machine capabilities, the highest quality plastic pellets and special treatment in production are able to produce thick to thin nonwoven fabrics, and colors according to consumer needs. To supply nonwoven fabrics to general industry, MMG provides the OSCARDO brand

About Us

Nonwoven Roll for Medical-Surgical Protection

With special specifications for use in the medical and surgical industries, nonwoven fabrics made by MMG undergo special treatment and are also processed in a hygienic production room. The goal is to ensure the product is ready to proceed to other finished product processes for medical purposes. For this supply, MMG provides the APHROMED brand

About Us

Nonwoven Disposable Protective Apparels

Not only producing nonwoven fabrics, MMG also processes nonwoven fabrics to become medical protective clothing and international standard industrial protective clothing. The combination of modern machines and experienced human resources in sewing work, produces products that are precise, comfortable and safe during use. The SOLIDA brand is used as an identity on the product as a guarantee of quality.