Anti-Splash Surgical Facemask

Anti-Splash Surgical Facemask

Tested by NELSON Lab USA, Maesindo Surgical Facemask is trusted to used in surgery. Anti-splash and filters air strongly, this facemask can protect the user in maximum level. TYPE IIR SURGICAL FACEMASK Maesindo Indonesia ltd. is focus to medical and surgical protection for paramedics, who work in high risk of contamination everyday. With the special 4 layers single-use, may protect the user from contamination from air and body liquid during examination and/or operation procedure. Type IIR (4 layers) facemask by Maesindo Indonesia ltd. is made in clean room with special layer-by-layer material that has passed BFE and VFE tests by NELSON Lab. USA. This test proves this facemask is strong at filtering out various particles and bacteria / viruses. And this fluid-resistant character is suitable for protecting paramedic faces from splashes of blood or bodily fluids from patients.
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