With 25 years of professional experience, we understand the application system of the product and make timely adjustments.

Land and Architectural Cover

Base materials for agriculture tunnel, weed barrier / mulch control, roofing waterproofing membranes and asphalt shingles, reinforcement materials, polishing materials, crop protection cloths, seedling cloths, irrigation cloths, insulation curtains, etc.

Medical Application

Surgical gown, cap, cover, plaster cotton, etc.

Hygienic Application

Women’s sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wipes, sanitary panties, dust covers, etc

Filtration Application

Waste textile insulation thermal felt, shockproof felt, canopy, cushion lining, carpet, door lining, car filter, molded cushion.

Packing And Protection

Shopping bags, printed sheets, entertainment covers, cushions, sleeping bags, dry cleaning cloths, hygienic cloths, curtains, tablecloths, lampshades, and rattan mats.

Home Textiles

Table Cloth, Drop Cloth, Bed Spreads, Gloves Liners, Suit Covers, Dust Covers, Pillow Covers, Aprons, Curtain Cloths, Curtain Strips and Liners for furniture with unique properties of shape-retention, adaptation to the characteristics of the outer fabric and lightness in weight.

Automobile Textile

Car Upholstery Fabric, Car Audio Fabrication, Fabric Car Seats, Car Cover, Car Seat Cover, Disposable Car Steering Cover, Car Wheel Cover, Car Headliner Fabric etc., to the end-user who needs care of car in the garage.

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