SOLIDA is a brand owned by PT. Medika Maesindo Global has been present in Indonesia for more than 15 years to provide protection in the form of disposable work clothes. SOLIDA started as a brand that oversees disposable protective clothing for various industries. Over time, SOLIDA moved into Healthcare facilities by providing protective clothing that meets international standards to prevent disease transmission.


Taking an active role in caring human health, especially the general public as well as industrial workers, JITO provides disposable personal protective products that refer to international standards and are produced in a Clean Room to ensure cleanliness. JITO products are confirmed to have passed various quality certifications and factory certifications.


Completing the need for hygienic, strong and multifunctional disposable fabrics, OSCARDO presents various types of spunbond fabrics with special treatments. To accommodate the needs of the general industries, and the medical industry as well, OSCARDO spunbonds have gone through various tests to meet minimum standards.


MED99 is a brand of disposable protective clothing products (disposable) specifically for use in hospitals or in health care facilities. Special specifications for the premium segment, making MED99 products as protective clothing for medical personnel with the optimal level of protection in Indonesia.


M-i is the first brand owned by PT Maesindo Indonesia, and PT Medika Maesindo Global (MMG) now, which has been known as a nonwoven product in the form of disposable body protective clothing. Currently the M-i brand is known as clothing for workers in health facilities, because of its trusted quality and its products have been certified with international standards. M-i is distributed by PT Rajawali Nusindo to support the government’s hospitals all over Indonesia.

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