MMG Nonwovens offers nonwovens ideally suited for a wide array medical disposables. Nonwoven medical disposables are essential products in the field of healthcare. Medical disposables are surpassing medical items made from woven fabrics in terms of popularity, offering a more hygienic alternative that effectively aids in preventing contamination and infections.

MMG Nonwovens can provide material with specific characteristics for medical disposables including absorbency, resilience, softness, strength, and elasticity. We are able to engineer these fabrics to be sterile, liquid repellent, anti-bacterial, and flame retardant. Our nonwoven fabrics offer options in color, texture, and thickness, making them suitable for a wide range of medical disposables.


Disposable Clothing for Industrial Medical Applications for Category 1-3

General Industry

Disposable Clothing for Industrial Medical Applications for Category 1-3

Surgical & Medical

Examples of medical disposables made from our nonwovens include:

(Class 1: Minimum Risk Only)

Category 3
(Medium-High Risk only) - Medical

Category 3
(Medium-High Risk only) - Industrial

MMG Nonwovens offers the advantage of inline slitting and winding capabilities, eliminating the need for third party conversion services, saving you time and money. We welcome any size order, from medical disposable manufacturers of all sizes. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your medical disposables manufacturing needs with affordable, high quality nonwovens.


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