Disposable Coat for Industrial

Disposable Coat for Industrial

Fulfill the requirement of hygiene and cleanliness in every factory, to protect the products and working place from outside contamination, especially from human body.


Every single factory applies the cleanliness and hygienic standard in working and warehouse area. The worker or any visitors must wear the protective apparels as a strict requirement.

Made to take the role of cotton lab coat, PP Coat is a great choice to decrease laundry cost and storage in companies. Single-use concept, practicality, fast and ease are the important points to choose single-use Coat. As a symbol of professional, lab coat is a important apparel to use in a company.

PP coat is designed for use in :

  • Laboratory
  • Warehouse
  • Hospital
  • Factory
  • Clean room
  • etc

Maesindo Indonesia ltd. as an experience manufacturer has been exporting this product mostly to European countries. This is proof that disposable lab coat products can be accepted by countries with high standards.

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