MMG Nonwoven provides Meltblown non-woven production line makes use of synthetic high polymer as materials, through melting and spining, the materials forms fiber web directly, and produces unique performance non-woven fabrics. The melt-blown fabric is widely applied to filtration material, padding material, medicine material and wiping materials.

The final melt blown fabric produced by our production line can be BFE95/BFE99 (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). Material Availability: 15 gsm – 70 gsm.

Facemask, water filtration, air conditioner filter, dan liquids filter are perfect to use our meltblown fabric.


Layer for mask filter

Layer for air conditioning filter

Layer for water treatment

Layer for filter liquids & gas

100% Premium Quality Fabric treatments include:

We can enhance the efficiency of your production process with our inline slitting and winding capabilities to meet your application needs. Contact us to discuss your nonwoven needs.


Grammage & Excellence

MMG provides 18-30 gsm meltblown for any uses in industries, especially for perfect filtration.

Color & Width

Available any color with minimum order quantity, and the meltblown fabric width is also available up to 1.5 meters with unlimited length.


Meltblown fabric is available in mini or jumbo roll, as the machine may cut the fabric based on your industrial needs and packed with polybag to keep it clean.

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