SS/S Fabric for Hygiene Applications
SS/S Fabric for Hygiene Applications

MMG Nonwoven provides SS or SSS (Spunbond – Spunbond – Spunbond) by Global Nonwovens is a 2-3 layered 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabrics. This fabric not only exhibits flawless performance, super soft, fit in strength and elongation for Hygiene and Medical industry.

This fabric is made by 100% polypropylene materials. PP Spunbond Fabrics with S,SS,SSS multilayer technologies to make fabrics with better physical properties and more homogeneous fibre distribution on the surface.

Especially our SSS product gives high uniformity and tensile strength advantages for the required sectors. Production gsm range is between 10gr/m2 – 160 gr/m2.

Our SS and SSS are biodegradable by Intertek which offer very short degradable 1.5 years only by nature.

Diapers, Feminine personal hygiene, etc are perfect to use our S-SS


SS/S Fabric for Hygiene Applications


SS/S Fabric for Hygiene Applications

Feminine hygiene-making

100% Premium Quality Fabric treatments include:

We can enhance the efficiency of your production process with our inline slitting and winding capabilities to meet your application needs. Contact us to discuss your nonwoven needs.


SS/S Fabric for Hygiene Applications

Grammage & Excellence

MMG provides 18-30 gsm meltblown for any uses in industries, especially to be a raw materials of products to produce by machines.

Color & Width

Available any color with minimum order quantity, and the spunbond fabric width is also available up to 3 meters with unlimited length.


Meltblown fabric is available in mini or jumbo roll, as the machine may cut the fabric based on your industrial needs and packed with polybag to keep it clean.

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