The Use of Disposable Coveralls for Protecting the Work Area

The Use of Disposable Coveralls for Protecting the Work Area

To protect workers in various jobs, single-use clothing is one of the mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid contamination from dust or other substances that pose a risk to workers' health. It's easy to find disposable protective suit products on the market from various manufacturers around the world. Each offers quality according to the needs of the market. Some appearances of single-use protective clothing can be found on the internet, e-commerce, or offline stores of safety equipment.

Head coverings such as hairnets, KN95 respirator masks, lab coats, frocks, and disposable coveralls are available from many brands that are produced by different manufacturers. In its use, adjusted to the work to do. Whether it is protecting the upper body, or protecting the whole body. Especially since Covid-19, disposable protective apparel is increasingly needed and there is an increase in market demand due to increased awareness of self-protection.

Coverall as one of the most complete protective clothing, which covers the upper body to the lower body is one of the most needed clothes. Easy to use, more protective, and easier to use than linen wear packs, making disposable coveralls the current favourite protective clothing.

Disposable painting coveralls are one of the applications of single-use coveralls in daily work. The function is to cover the whole body, from the head, and hands to the feet, to protect workers from paint particles. Usually disposable coveralls painters will be equipped with other PPE, such as masks, gloves, boots, etc.

When to Use Disposable Coveralls?

For other special jobs, there are waterproof disposable coveralls that can completely hold liquids. Because fluids in the work area cause several risks, such as liquid paint that can contaminate the body, chemicals that are harmful to the skin, and even human body fluids that can transmit disease. Waterproof single-use coveralls or also known as liquid-proof disposable coveralls do an important role in protecting users in high-risk work areas.

Not only for painting but disposable coveralls are also used for:

    • construction workers
    • medical workers
    • food factory workers
    • dairy factory
    • mining
    • electronics factory workers
    • automotive factory workers
    • etc.

At the most standard level of protection, disposable polypropylene coveralls are made from nonwoven spunbond polypropylene. Polypropylene disposable coveralls can be made in various thicknesses, but the fabric texture still has pores that liquid can penetrate, this variant of the coverall is still part of Category I protection. Meanwhile, waterproof single-use coveralls are available with Microporous SF base material, which is not impermeable to liquids. This variant of disposable coveralls is part of Category III protection and can protect high-risk jobs better.

As they function as overall body protection, hooded disposable coveralls are a favourite variant used by workers around the world. For certain conditions, a disposable coverall with a hood and boot is a special variant needed for extra protection on the legs. These products will be sewn tightly from top to bottom, ensuring maximum protection to the user, and can withstand various movements.

Not only as a protector, but white single-use coveralls can also be an indicator, of whether this protective clothing is too dirty to be replaced or not. Even though white is the main colour in every coverall in the world, several markets in several countries require other colours. In South Korea, disposable coveralls with a grey colour are the coveralls for construction. In several European and US countries, navy blue is also a favourite for construction workers.

Getting disposable polypropylene coveralls is very easy. Many factories produce it all over the world, this is due to the practical, easy, and cheap of these polypropylene disposable coveralls. Workers will prefer this product because it can reduce the company's operational costs when compared to reusable coveralls made from linen. The risk of contamination after use can also be reduced, so as not to endanger others.

Single-Use Coveralls in Covid-19

2020 – 2021 is the year when hooded disposable coveralls become the most needed PPE in the world. Protection from head to toe, especially the variant that is equipped with a hood and boot cover, is the safest protective clothing to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Previously, this coverall was mostly used by industrial workers, but since Covid-19, this type of liquid-resistant coverall has become protective clothing for medical personnel who deal with patients. The risk of transmission from body fluids, which can be airborne or droplets, can endanger the lives of medical personnel.

Liquid-proof coveralls are included in Category III Type 5 & Type 6 protection. The fabric material used is generally SF Microporous 55-65 gsm, which holds liquids. This cloth material has smaller pores than liquid particles, so it cannot penetrate. However, this pore is permeable to air, so it can release body heat and remain comfortable during use for a long time.

Currently, manufacturers continue to innovate by using other materials such as SMS fabric, which can withstand liquids but at more competitive prices. The advantages are more convenience than SF Microporous, lower price, and more profitability from a business point of view for supplying the general industries market.

Meanwhile, coveralls made from spun-bond polypropylene are included in Category I protection, for workers in low-risk work areas. The choice of this protection category is so that the coverall used is effective in protecting according to the risks of work, but also efficient in cost. For example, there is no need to use a splash-resistant coverall just to work in construction with minimal dust.

How to Get Required Disposable Coveralls?

Polypropylene disposable coveralls or waterproof disposable coveralls are easy to find in the market. But is it suitable for your needs? Is it guaranteed to provide proper protection? Medika Maesindo Global is a manufacturer of disposable coveralls with hoods & boots with experience serving more than 100 overseas customers for more than 29 years. The implemented end-to-end business ensures the quality of raw materials to finished goods in the best conditions for customer use.

As a manufacturer with a large production capacity, Medika Maesindo Global provides a choice of personal protective equipment in the form of single-use clothing at competitive prices and fast lead times. Productive and competitive human resources are also able to provide affordable PPE prices as well.

Consulting with Medika Maesindo Global is the best solution to get disposable Lab Coats, Coveralls, Surgical Gowns, etc that suit your market needs, and the expected prices. Focusing on customer satisfaction, Medika Maesindo Global will provide quality products and the best communication services for long-term business cooperation. Continuous development and innovation provide customers with many choices to choose the right product for their business, and for their market.
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