Type 6 Microporous Coverall

Type 6 Microporous Coverall

Skin protection from dust, other particles and liquid-splash with Microporous Coverall. Suitable for any industries, also available with Anti-Static material. MICROPOROUS COVERALL Liquid resistant disposable fabric made from PE laminated PP spunbond is a suitable material for any industrial, especially for working area with liquid and dust in the air. The fabric is made special to meet the industrial requirements in Europe and US, to give extra protection for workers in :
  • Painting
  • Sawmill
  • Food & beverages processing
  • Milk factory
  • etc
Liquid resistant and dust-resistant are the strong characters of Microporous Coverall to protect user’s skin from any hazardous particles, that may affect the health of human. The white color is made to show the cleanliness and hygienic concept, and be the indicator for stain on the body during work. Maesindo Indonesia ltd. as an experienced manufacturer of disposable protective apparels has certified all products to give security for all users based on each countries’ standard. Microporous Coverall has passed Type 5 & Type 6 for dust and liquid. The size made is based on international body sizes, to add the comfort during use.
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